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Schlumberger Cycling Club is an employee, employee family and friends cycling club. Our members are expected to share a commitment to safe and courteous cycling, fundraising for the MS150, enjoyment of the sport and volunteering to support club activities. We welcome members who share our passion for riding to join our great club.

To help new members and anyone considering membership with us, take a look at our site. View the Club Info and Frequently Asked Questions that should help you get started in the club.

Upcoming RIDES

membership RENEWAL and new member sign up 

  • Its that time of year to renew your SCC membership

  • New riders and volunteers are always welcome to sign up. 



SCC provides Group Rider Safety (GRS) training classes. Learn how to ride on public roads, in groups. Classes are held on Sunday's with certified trainers. 

All SCC club riders must complete this class once every 3 years. 

  • No GRS are currently Schedule - check back soon

Your Club needs you -> Club Officers Required

Schlumberger Cycling Club is an employee, employee family and friends cycling club. It requires officers to hold annual positions to manage and run the club. 

Due to a number of people retiring and others moving away from Houston the club is currently looking to fill a few key officer positions. These should be current or past Schlumberger employees. Please talk to one of the current or old officers to discuss what these positions entail.

  • Vice Captain
  • Ride Coordinator
  • Treasurer

Bike maintenance

To enjoy your rides its essential to maintain your bike. There are many basic tasks that you should perform at home after each ride. I know you want to sit on the couch after a hard ride but cleaning and greasing your bike immediately after a ride will save a lot of deterioration.

There are other tasks that you may want to leave to the bike mechanic at your local bike shop. 

ParkTool videos cover a lot of topics, so you may actually be able to do more than you thought. 

Houston MS150

May 1st is the date for the 2021 MS150

Join the Schlumberger Cycling Club team with all of its full support during the training season and during the event.


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