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Digital Route Files and Navigation   

Ride with GPS - Schlumberger Cycling Club - Houston

Welcome to the Ride with GPS Club Account. This is our central repository of routes, digital downloads to your favorite GPS device or print a PDF.

    • SCC PDF route maps will still be posted via the SCC site.
    • Event sign up will still be mastered on the SCC site.

All active club members have access to premium navigation features on all club routes and events:

    • Voice Navigation in our mobile App and Apple Watch support
    • Offline Maps in our mobile App
    • PDF Maps + Cuesheets
    • Advanced Turn Notifications with TCX files
    • Estimated time
    • Club Account Member Benefits Page

All route and member managers have access to features only found on the Club Account:

    • Advanced Route Planning Feature
    • Route Changelog with edit history
    • Club Account Route Backups
    • Member list filtering & sorting
    • Club member list CSV export
    • Added ability to add routes to events with filtering and sorting options
    • Add Club logo to PDF Map and Cuesheet
    • Club Account Manager Page

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