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  • How many riders are in the club?

    We currently have about 200 members, some of whom are volunteers. Typically between 50 and 120 members will show up for a club training ride.

  • Do I need to work for SLB to become a member?

    Our club was founded by SLB employees. We recruit at SLB and are sponsored by SLB, but you do not have to be associated with or work for SLB to join the club.

  • What level of cyclists participate in the club? I have heard that most in the club have a lot of cycling experience and I would not feel comfortable riding with a group like that knowing that my cycling experience is limited (and I’m slow!).

    We have a wide range of cycling experience, skill and physical ability in the club. Old, young, slow, fast, short, tall, heavy and thin, we’ve got it all. Every year we have lots of first-timers who are slow and unsure of themselves. That’s one of the reasons we stress the Group Cycling Skills class (the earlier the better) and why we have Early Season Coaches to ride with the beginners to help and encourage them.

  • Does SLB make any kind of corporate matching of employee contributions for the MS150?

    We receive yearly sponsorship from SLB. The sponsorship is the reason why the membership cost remains low and we are able to provide free jerseys, clothing incentives and year-round supported rides. As a result membership fees are not reimbursed through SLB.


  • Do I need to wait until January to become a member since it is an annual membership (Jan – Dec)?

    Our season year is September 1 to August 31.

  • What does it cost to join?

    Individual Membership $120
    Family Membership $220
    The SCC year runs September 1 to August 31. Membership renewals begin on September 1. Dues may increase after January 1 for all members, new and returning who have not renewed. Membership dues must be paid before participating in club activities. Our dues help us maintain an excellent experience for all members in the form of fully-stocked rest stops, restroom facilities, MS150 provisions, free clothing incentives and much more.

  • What is the difference between an Individual and a Family membership?  Can family members get a discount when signing up together?

    An Individual membership is for a single rider.  A Family membership is for up to three (3) members living in the same household. Choose Family membership when registering and you will enter contact information for your family members. They will receive an email with a username and password to their accounts once you submit your registration.

  • How do I sign up my family members once I get a Family membership?

  • Please follow this guide to ensure your family members get their own username and password. This is important so we can track their volunteer points accurately.

  • What if I want to upgrade my Individual membership to a Family membership?

    Update your profile and request an upgrade to Rider - Family. You will also need to pay the difference in cost between the two memberships.


  • What is the average number of riders in each of the training rides?

    From January to April we range from 70 - 120 riders per Saturday ride. During the summer ride series, our ridership is lower from 20 - 40 riders.

  • Where are the training rides? Only out west? Do they progressively increase in difficulty – start at low/no hills then progress to higher miles/hills?

    We ride all over. Mostly west (beginning in Katy & Fulshear and as far as Bastrop), but also some north (New Waverly) and south (Missouri City). We start flat and shorter and progressively add distance and hills through the season.

  • Is there SAG, Support & Gear on the route, do you provide a phone number and do they roam the cycling course?

    We typically have three SAG drivers on each training ride on the routes. Our route maps for each ride have the cell phone numbers for each SAG driver.

  • Are there  port-a-potties at the rest stops, or do you structure your rides around convenience stores (with restrooms)?

    During the main training season from January - April, we try to place about two-three port-a-potties along our route for your convenience. Most of the rides also go past gas stations with toilets.

  • What is the average distance between rest stops on the training rides?

    About 15-20 miles between rest stops.

  • What does a typical rest stop consist of?

    We provide water, Gatorade, fruit (bananas, oranges), trail mix, granola bars, cookies, chocolate bars, etc. Our rest stops do not have tents at the rest stop locations.

  • Do training rides have varying distances or staggered start times by average speed?

    We provide three route options on most rides, Short (20-35 mi), Medium (30-45 mi) and Long (45-60 mi). Our rides begin with riders leaving the start by average speed, and all riders roll out within about five minutes. We begin roll out at 8:00am when we ride from January - April.

  • Are the training rides coordinated with or supported by local law enforcement, like police officers standing at busy intersections to help cross intersections?

    We coordinate our ride routes with local law enforcement. We typically do not have law enforcement officers on our rides because most of our ride groups are small enough not to need them. Routes are predominantly back roads and structured to minimize or avoid turns at busy or dangerous intersections.

  • How are medical emergencies handled?

    Our SAG drivers carry first aid kits for minor injuries. In the event of a serious injury, our riders and SAG drivers know to call 911 for EMS. Our SAG drivers also carry information for your preferred emergency contact, and we will contact that person as soon as we call 911 on your behalf.


  • How do I earn clothing?

    We stress safety, fundraising and volunteering in support of club activities. Members can earn clothing items through volunteering, fundraising and training ride participation. SCC clothing is also available for members to purchase at competitive prices. Read more about earning incentives through volunteering.

  • Do I receive a club jersey for the MS150 even if I haven’t earned volunteer points?

    To earn a free jersey, riders must earn two volunteer points and complete the Group Cycling Skills class within the last three years.



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