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How to use RWG on SCC RIDES   

  • RWG Account: Access RWG from your mobile device or through their website.  
  • REGISTER: All SCC members must register the first time on the Ride With GPS Slb Cycling Club site to get full access to events & routes:  This link provides an auto Join to the SCC Club account.
    • Members do NOT have to ask to be a friend of any one else's personnel RWG account to access the SCC routes
    • Members do NOT have to have a paid RWG account to access the SCC routes
  • NAVIGATION: RWG provides route output in multiple formats especially for digital GPS devices (Garmin, Wahoo etc) and also mobile Apps for iPhone, Apple Watch and Android.
    • The format for GPS devices includes the Turn by Turn indications using the TCX or FIT formats. Check the best format for your device.
    • The RWG mobile APP provides Voice Navigation and Offline Maps with no need to use data whilst riding. 
    • The Voice and Notification for navigation still works with the screen off. 
    • Users can install the RWG App on their device, sign in with their RWG account (created above). The SCC Events and Routes will automatically appear under My Club when published.
  • RIDE PREPARATION: You should review the route options before the ride, check the maps and turn by turn instructions.
    • Download the routes to your mobile and to your GPS Device before leaving home to avoid connectivity issues at the start location
    • Print Turn by Turn instructions from the Website if you require paper copies. There are also maps for each route but not as detailed as those produce by the SCC Map Maker (Bill Dillon)
    • Fully charge your device before the ride (keep charging in the car, carry a backup battery if required)
    • RWG is NOT being used for Event sign-up, Members must still register for each ride on the SCC webpage.

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