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About the Club

SLB Cycling Club (SCC) is an employee, employee’s family and friends cycling club that rides year round on the west side of Houston. Our members are expected to share a commitment to safe and courteous cycling, fundraising for the MS150, enjoyment of the sport, and volunteering to support the club activities. The club promotes and encourages safe, enjoyable cycling activities by offering rides of varying distance, speed and terrain.

The club was founded in 1996 by a group of employees who had a passion for fitness and wanted to hit the Texas back roads on their bikes. The club currently has about 250 active members ranging in age from 10 to 70. Numbers grow dramatically in January each year with the express purpose of getting fit, having fun and completing the MS150 in April. Not secondarily we raise money for MS, $155,000 in 2013. In 2014, almost $200,000! We organize 14 supported training rides from January to April typically with > 100 riders per ride. During the summer and fall we have regular club rides on Saturday mornings and support at least one per month. From time to time we plan special rides.

Our supported training rides are progressive in nature and suited for all levels of riders. All the rides are listed on the club calendar. We provide the needed instruction and fitness training for a new rider to successfully complete the MS150. We also provide support in La Grange. Our MS150 activities also include a Bastrop Camp-out to give riders a sneak peek at the Bastrop Hills and a carbo-loading Pasta Dinner with an informative slide show to get them ready for the big ride.

Our Club Officers

Captain: Nicholas Krohn

Vice-Captain: Etienne Beney

Treasurer: Manan Ghelani

Clothing Coordinator: Arquimedes Lopez

Ride Coordinator: Randy LeBlanc


Website: Sandeep Ramakrishnan

Volunteer Coordinator:Angie Gooch

Membership Coordinator: Laura Zavala

Equipment Manager: David Wolfe

Safety Coordinator: Adama Traore

Social Media and Marketing Coordinator: Didier Germain

Fundraising Coordinators:

Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator: Keith Burkart

Map Maker: Bill Dillon

Campout Coordinator: Etienne Beney



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