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SLB Cycling Club is an employee, employee family and friends cycling club. The club's success is a direct result of the volunteer efforts of our members, family members and friends. As a member, you agree to help by volunteering in some capacity during the year.

  • Rest Stop Host
  • SAG Driver / Lead
  • Food Purchase
  • Adopt-A-Highway trash pick-up
  • Events Organizers / Helpers
  • Pasta Dinner
  • Clothing Distribution


  • Is volunteering required to ride with SCC?

Yes, we require you to volunteer at least once per year to ride in the MS150 with SCC. SCC’s success is a direct result of the volunteer efforts of our members, family members and friends. As a member, you agree to help by volunteering in some capacity during the year.

  • What volunteering opportunities are available?

Volunteering opportunities are listed inside of an event on the Ride/Event Calendar. Be sure to click forward to future months as well. Our typical training ride requires 8 - 12 volunteers. We also need volunteers for other club events like the Pasta Dinner, Clothing Distribution Events, Adopt-A-Highway track pickups, Education Expedition, Independence Ride, Bike the Bend and so much more.  Stay tuned to Facebook and our newsletter for volunteer opportunities.

  • How do I volunteer?

Open an event and scroll to the bottom. Click on the green "Volunteers" tab to see a list of available volunteer positions. Click on the radio button next to the volunteer position you wish to sign up for. Note that the person receiving volunteer points is the person who is currently logged onto the website. If you clicked on too many radio buttons, use the gray "Deselect" button at the bottom to de-select yourself from a volunteer position. Finally, when you are happy with your selection, click on the "Participate" button.  When you visit your My Membership page, you will see your volunteer job listed under Upcoming Volunteering.

  • What if I need to cancel my volunteer job?

You are responsible for finding a replacement if you need to cancel.  Please email the Volunteer Coordinator ASAP to cancel and also to give them notice of your replacement.

  • What are the volunteer job descriptions?

When you go to one of our events, you will find the description of each role under the volunteer position.  This will give you the job description and number of points awarded.

  • How do I sign up a friend or family member to volunteer on my behalf?

Your friends and/or family members are more than welcome to volunteer on your behalf! When registering, fill out the proxy's contact information instead of yours. We need their name, phone number and email (proxy email). You can refer to this guide as well. You will get the credit for the points and your friend will get a fun and rewarding opportunity to help out.


  • Will I get details about my volunteering?

Yes, the Volunteer Coordinator will email you before the event (usually 2-5 days before) with a detailed job description and information needed to volunteer.

  • What time do I need to arrive to volunteer at a training ride?

Typically we will need you to arrive 45 minutes before the start of the ride.

  • What are the typical volunteer jobs at a training ride?

We typically need 3 SAG drivers, 1 Equipment Manager, 3 Rest Stop Hosts, 1 Registration Host, 1 Food Purchaser, and sometimes 3 Early Season Coaches. We also can use No-Drop Group Leaders.

  • What about the Officer in Charge position?

This position is filled by a club officer.

  • When will volunteer points be awarded?

Typically volunteer points will be awarded several days after a ride.

  • How long will I be volunteering?

It of course depends on your volunteer position. Food Purchasers are done after they deliver the food to the ride start. Rest Stop Hosts must stay until a SAG driver tells them no more riders are on the route. Depending on where your rest stop is on the route, this can be anywhere from 2 hours to 5 hours after ride start. Our rides are typically finished by about 1pm or 2pm. SAG Drivers are on the course while they drive their route and check in with the Lead SAG driver before leaving. Equipment Managers stay until ride finish when all equipment is back at the trailer to load up.


  • What are volunteer points and how do they work?

Volunteer points are awarded for each volunteer job you complete. Points are determined by the Volunteer Coordinator and are generally based on the time spent to volunteer and how easy-hard the job might be. Points are subject to change and are always subject to review by the Volunteer Coordinator. Points accumulate during our season year with each job you complete, and your points earn you incentives.

  • How many points do I need to get free clothing?

See the Incentives page to learn how to earn clothing. Also check your My Membership page to see what incentives you've earned or claimed. Earning clothing is based on the total number of points you have accumulated.

  • How do I claim club clothing?

Clothing distribution events are typically held between January and April, with the most popular event being the Pasta Dinner the Thursday before the MS150. When you pick up clothing, you will see it marked on your My Membership page as claimed. And, you can still continue to accumulate points and ascend to higher incentive levels!

  • When do my volunteer points expire?

Our season year is September 1 to August 31. Volunteer points accumulate during this time frame for the year. Your clothing must be earned and picked up by the end of the year on August 31. At the start of the next SCC year September 1, your volunteer points expire, and everyone starts off again with zero points. This allows you to accumulate points once again - and earn incentives!



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