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The SCC Rides are to encourage fitness and wellbeing. By following some basic rules and showing respect for everyone this can be safe and enjoyable.

Ride Start / End -

  • Members are requested to put on a mask at the start location while preparing for the ride and gathering around for the announcements. 
  • Please maintain a line with people standing at least 6 feet apart at the registration desk to sign-in/sign-out for the ride.
  • For safety reasons, the ride will start in stages. We request the riders to have their masks on until their group is requested to start the ride.
  • Riders are requested to carry their mask on the ride so that they can use it at the rest stops.

Rest stops -

  • Rest stop hosts will be requested to wear a mask, gloves, and face-shield for safety.
  • Riders are requested to maintain a 6 feet distance while collecting their snacks and then move to an area away from the rest stop table so as to promote social distancing. Kindly take off your mask only while enjoying the refreshments. 
  • As always, hand sanitizer will be there for all to use.

Volunteers -

  • Volunteers who interact with the riders will be provided with a face-shield, gloves, a mask and hand santizer.
  • SAG Drivers, while providing road side assistance to riders will require the riders to put on their mask and /or maintain social distance.
  • SAG Driver who must provide a lift back to the start location should also request the rider to put on their mask and use hand sanitzer.

Dos and DON'TS -

  • Do wear a mask whenever possible
  • Do follow social distancing
  • Do use hand sanitizer at the rest stops
  • Do respect everyone
  • Don't crowd at the registration table, rest stops and portable toilets
  • Don't form big groups or long pace lines, ask before joining a group of riders



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