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Bellville 1 - Training Ride #08

  • 24-Feb-2024
  • 08:00 - 13:00
  • Austin County Fair, 966 E Main St, Belville, TX, 77418


  • Non-member attending an SCC ride
  • Sign up for this week's Long Ride (usually between 45-55 miles). Select a route length to give us an idea but you can change when you sign-in or even along the route.
  • Sign up for this week's Medium Ride (usually between 35-45 miles). Select a route length to give us an idea but you can change when you sign-in or even along the route.
  • Sign up for this week's Short Ride (usually between 25-35 miles). Select a route length to give us an idea but you can change when you sign-in or even along the route.
  • Sign up for this week's Long Ride (usually between 55 - 65 miles). Select a route length to give us an idea but you can change when you sign-in or even along the route.
  • Volunteer who will drive the trailer to and from the ride start. Must arrive with trailer by 7am.
  • Purchase food before the ride and bring to ride start.

    Set up registration table and help riders sign up for rides. Needs to arrive early enough to prepare own bike, kit and then mange the registration table.
  • Preferable someone who has experience of SAG duties and can organise the other SAG drivers along the routes.
  • One of the club officers or an ex officer is responsible for coordinating and executing the weekly ride. Usually the last person to leave once all riders have been accounted for and trailer has been packed.
  • Rest Stop Host are responsible for setting up and hosting a rest stop along the route. Once SAG has confirmed all riders have passed the Rest Stop the host can return to the Start location
  • SAG Drivers should be able to aid riders with difficulties along the route. If unable to resolve the problem then be able to transport the Rider and Bike to the nearest Rest Stop or back to the Start.

Registration is closed
We will be riding from Austin County Fair ground, Bellville. Arrive early (7:30am) to ensure enough time to get your gear ready and hear the safety and ride announcements. We roll out at 8 am.

Please study the maps on Ride with GPS, download files to your Navigation device and print a copy of Map and Turn instructions if you require paper copies.

COVID: For the safety of all riders and volunteers it is important that we all follow the guidelines. Whilst this is outside it is important to follow some basic rules. Please review the SCC Covid Guidelines

Volunteer Requirements
  • Equipment Managers must have a vehicle to haul a trailer to/from the ride. Vehicle must be 6 cyl or *3,000* lbs towing power
  • SAG, Rest Stop Host, OIC are required, please sign up early to help your club run smoothly.
  • Email with questions

    PREPARATION: Make sure to prepare yourself during the week so Friday evening you can relax and sleep easy knowing you are ready for the training ride. Preparing yourself and your equipment will minimize the need for assistance during the ride. Bike - ABC Check

    BIKE SAFETYMS 150 Education 

    Be aware of your surroundings – Be observant and scan the horizon ahead. Slow down at turns as there maybe gravel/sand/debris on the side of the roads. Roads can often be slippery due to the morning mist.

    Communication – It is very important to communicate with other riders when riding in a group. Call out- debris, gravel, loose sand, pot holes, train tracks, any hazard small or big, car up, car back! I

    Pace line – One must be extra cautious while riding in a pace line. One mistake can cause a series of accidents! Only ride with people you know and trust. If you are joining a pace line announce yourself to the person in front. If you don’t know the person in front don’t ride close to their wheel, maintain a safe distance. Always be vigilant of the pace of the person in front of you and also your surroundings!

    Parking - parking will be at the Austin County Fair Grounds

    Weather Forecast for the Ride
    Ride With GPS Route Maps for Bellville
      • Short 33 miles: RS#1 @ 19.5 miles
      • Medium 49 miles: RS#1 @ 11.5 miles, RS #2 @ 34 miles
      • Long 56 miles: RS#1 @ 19.5 miles, RS#2 @ 41.7 miles
      • Ultra 61 miles: RS#1 @ 19.5 miles, RS#2 @ 44 miles

    • PDF map - ready to print
      • Access RWG from your mobile device or through their website. sign in to your RWG account. All SCC members should register the first time on the Ride With GPS Slb Cycling Club site to access the routes which are only visible to Members:  This link provides an auto Join to the SCC Club account.
        • If you already have a RWG account then sign-in
        • If you do not have a RWG account then create one. You only need the starter (free) account
          • Members do NOT have to ask to be a friend of any one else's personnel RWG account to access the SCC routes
          • Members do NOT have to have a paid RWG account to access the SCC routes
      • RWG provides route output in multiple formats especially for digital GPS devices (Garmin, Wahoo etc) and also mobile Apps for iPhone and Android.
        1. The format for GPS devices includes the Turn by Turn indications using the TCX or FIT formats. Check the best format for your device.
        2. The RWG mobile Apps provide Voice Navigation and Offline Maps with no need to use data whilst riding. The Voice and Notification for navigation still works with the screen off. Users can install the RWG App on their device, sign in with their RWG account (created above). The SCC Events and Routes will automatically appear under My Club when published.
      • RWG is NOT being used for Event sign-up, Members must still register for each ride on the SCC webpage.



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